Since 1992, we have helped companies nationwide with their Human Resource support and compliance, training and development, and strategic recruiting needs. Our products and services assist companies to hire, manage, coach, develop, and promote people more effectively. Our approach is not “one size fits all”. We believe that a company’s culture, environment, and work force are unique. We target the specific needs of our clients and produce results-driven, value-added services.

McClain Group provides customized programs and assessment tools designed to help you solve any “people problems” that can rob profitability and reduce efficiency and effectiveness.Our goal is to help companies maximize the productivity of the workforce…..to help them reach their full PIPability-Peak Individual Performance®.

As a Strategic Partner of Profiles International, we are supported by an international corporation offering the most advanced and accurate assessment products on the market. Profile’s mission is to provide evaluation products of superior quality and value to serve the needs of business and organizations. Part of our mission is to maintain at all times our principles of integrity, honesty, and quality; and to help organizations Imagine Great People®.

Visit us at http://www.PIPability.com, email at info@mcclaingroupllc.com or call 800-448-9907.


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