It is NOT all about you!!

Several years ago I was telling my son about a situation where someone at a party continually told stories to “one up” whoever was talking. He said “oh, he was a topper”. I am sure that term has been around a long time, but I had not heard it. Since that time I make an effort to notice others who are “toppers” and to do my best not to be one. I am not always successful.

In preparing for a management training program I am conducting next week, I came across some notes from a session I attended several years ago. I had written down the name of a comedian who did a bit about this on YouTube that was shown during the session. The training was about how to be a more effective coach to managers and executives and the need to make it all about them and not me.

Effective performance management includes the same concept. Whether the issue is an evaluation of positive performance or a negative performance issue, it should never be about you. The whole focus should be on the person and the performance issue at hand. Of course, we all know that a person is not bad; they just did a bad thing. We focus on the actions or behaviors of an employee that are not meeting expectations. We reiterate what we expect from their performance or behavior and then we communicate clearly what consequences will occur if the expectations are not met. We make it ALL about them and NOT how it impacts us as supervisors or managers.

The comedian that motivated me to write this short missive is Brian Regan. Take a few minutes and enjoy his bit.

To Your Success,

Richard Davis, SPHR
McClain Group, LLC
Twitter: @PIPability


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