Finding the BEST

Where do you have your resume posted? What job boards are you reviewing on a daily basis looking for a new and challenging opportunity? On what executive recruiting sites do you have your profile registered? What, you aren’t engaging in these activities?  So, is it safe to say that if a company was looking for candidates for a position and only used online resources, you would not be found? Then why are you looking for candidates using the same methodology?  Most of the BEST are not actively looking for another position and won’t be searching job boards. The BEST won’t even know you have an open position. If finding the best available (those actively looking) is okay, then you are doing the right thing. But, if you want to find the BEST, you have to use methods and strategies that seek out these candidates. Technology in recruiting has only made it easier to find candidates on the job market, but not the BEST. Technology has not replaced good old fashion networking. Before the “dot bomb” in the 90’s, the most influential people in Silicon Valley were not the developers, but the recruiters who were well connected.

 Time to fill positions is at a 13 year high ( The recruiting process is not getting better, it is taking longer. Sifting through hundreds of applications from multiple job boards is incredibly time consuming. Downsizing in the HR department has made this even worse and line managers are experiencing more and more frustration in the increased time it is taking to get needed positions filled. As a professional recruiter, it should come as no surprise that I will strongly suggest the use of a firm to assist in sourcing and screening candidates.

Now, I have been recruiting since 1991, long before the internet became an enabler for people in my profession. What I mean by that is many recruiting firms post the jobs of clients on job boards and on their own website. In essence, companies are paying these firms to do the exact same thing an organization could do on their own. If you are utilizing the services of a third party to interview and screen candidates for positions rather than doing it in house, then this makes sense. If you are using a recruiting firm to find the BEST and they are posting jobs, what value is being provided?

If you want to find the BEST, you have to either hire professionals within your company to source, interview and screen candidates or you have to use the services of a company that can provide this service. In either instance, you should have a strategy in place that targets the BEST, not just the best available.

Make an investment to provide interview training to those responsible for screening candidates. Without proper training, a well prepared candidate can manipulate the interview. I can provide many instances where a well prepared candidate was successful in getting the answers to the test before the test was given out.  If you don’t know what this means, ask me.

Make an investment to utilize behavioral based assessment tools to more thoroughly screen candidates for fit. Make sure the assessment tool is Normative, not Ipsative. If you don’t know the difference, ask me.

Lastly, consider using the services of a professional recruiting firm. A competent firm will make any investment money well spent. Want to know what a good recruiting firm should offer, ask me.

Here’s wishing you success in finding and hiring the BEST.


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